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Photo Credit: Ben Mair

Please Support the Corps in 2019!


As we head into 2019 and reflect on an epic 2018, we have so much to be thankful for.  Chief among them is your support.


We had a lot of Bugs to work out after our 2018 season, between rehearsal space, our decades old horns, and our aging truck fleet. With all of your help, this ship continues to sail straight and true into the future.


Our needs for 2019 are significant and we need your support to continue providing a world-class experience for our members. Your support this year will enable us to continue to provide the best quality staff and instruments to our members with the help of our good friends at Carolina Crown. As the cost of putting a drum corps on the field continues to escalate, we rely more than ever on the generous support of alumni and friends. Please make the Buccaneers a priority in your giving in 2019 and beyond.


To understand how your donation can help, here are some examples of the costs incurred by the Reading Buccaneers on a per member basis:

- Generator Gas $25

- Guard Uniform $50

- Brass Maintenance $50

- Guard Equipment $75

- Brass/Percussion Uniforms $100

- Rehearsal Facility Rentals: $200

- Production Expenses: $210

- Percussion Maintenance $225

- Travel: $315

Here’s how you can support the corps:


  1. Visit our Online Donation Form and make a secure gift using a credit card; or

  2. Send a check payable to “Reading Buccaneers, Inc.” to the Reading Buccaneers, P.O. Box 13032, Reading, PA 19612-3032


Please make your tax-deductible gift today and help is soar in Year 62 and beyond!


Thank you for your support!