Reading Buccaneers Hall of Fame


(In Alphabetical Order)

Rob was bitten by the “Buccaneer Bug” early in life – as early as 1958. Rob credits the Buccaneers as the reason he picked up a trumpet in third grade. He was a Junior Buccaneer but never had the opportunity to be a part of the competing corps until 1995. 1995-1997 were very pivotal years for the Buccaneers, who struggled to keep the corps on the field. Rob and his son Russ made their Reading Buccaneers debut that year. Rob returned to march again in 1996. Rob is and has been one of the “backbone” members in both the Alumni and competing corps. They are those individuals that an organization relies on to make it succeed – those reliable, devoted, dedicated, energetic, enthusiastic, committed, loyal, hard- working, and conscientious individuals. Members like Rob provide the strength and support required to keep an organization vigorous, solid and strong. His unwavering dedication, steadfast commitment, solid dependability and quiet demeanor might go unrecognized but his absence would be immediately noticed! Rob is a “behind the scenes” operative. He prefers to move in the background, doing whatever needs to be done, pitching in, picking up, and filling-in the gaps. From 2012–2018, he served as vice-president for the Buccaneer Alumni Association. He has served as president/director of the Alumni since being elected in 2018. Rob is still active as a playing member and is proud to make his contribution as a solid third soprano. In “normal” times the challenges and responsibilities of being in the head leadership position of the Buccaneer Alumni can be demanding, stressful, and complicated. COVID-19 has tested the leadership qualities of anyone in-charge of an organization. Rob and the Executive Committee kept communications and momentum with members going through the long stretch of inactivity from February 2020 to May 2021. Rob’s bi-weekly update emails were eagerly received by members. His updates were personal, newsy, upbeat, and were a blue thread that held the membership together. With the availability of the COVID 19 vaccination, and with mandated safety protocols in place, the Alumni Corps began rehearsals in late April 2021 to prepare for a Memorial Day ceremony. It is testament to Rob and his executive committee that productive activity had continued during those long silent COVID months. Rob Danner’s exemplary devotion, support and commitment to the Buccaneer organization, combined with a heart of Blue, merits his induction into the Buccaneers Hall of Fame.

1962-2022 – that’s 60 years of commitment, devotion and support to the Buccaneers and the drum corps activity. And it’s quite an accomplishment. Eric Kissinger began his life-long Buccaneers career at the tender age of 12 as drum major of the Junior Buccaneers from 1962-1968. In 1969 he joined the Air Force and while stationed at Lowrey Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado, he was assigned to the drum and bugle corps on base. After receiving his discharge from the Air Force in 1973, Eric drove non-stop from Boise, Idaho to Reading so he could get to a Buccaneers rehearsal in time, as one of the drum majors. From 1974-1978, Eric filled various hornline spots. He served in the Buccaneers administration as Membership Chairman from 1975-1978. He signed on as hornline instructor in the 1974 effort to re-start the Junior Buccaneers, and served as drill instructor for the Brassmen in 1980. In 1987, he joined the newly formed Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps as a charter member, playing mellophone, which he has been doing ever since. Eric is a good horn player, but he is an even better Buccaneer; True Blue in every sense of the word. He’s one of
those individuals who contribute to the Buccaneers year in and year out. An organization with a storied history like the Buccaneers could not function without people like Eric Kissinger. For his six decades of service to the Buccaneers, Eric has earned induction into the Buccaneers Hall of Fame.

Paul Klick epitomizes what it means to be a Buccaneer, and his commitment to the Buccaneers family on and off the field runs deep and has made a lasting impact on the organization. He grew up as a fan of the corps in the 1970s, and his friends in the corps influenced him to join. He was not the most talented member, but his loyalty and dedication to the corps was exemplary. He marched in the baritone and contrabass sections of the hornline from 1978 to 1984, winning DCA championships in 1979 and 1980. After an 18 year hiatus, he returned to the hornline in 2002, and marched in DCA finals at the age of 41. While he was a member, he was active in the Membership, Recruitment and Music Selection committees. He drove the truck and ordered corps jackets, among other unheralded jobs. Paul joined the Alumni Corps in 1991 and has been a loyal member for more
than 30 years, serving on the Alumni Executive Committee for several years in a variety of roles, including Vice President and Membership Committee chairman. During this time, he was also an active member of the support staff for the competing corps, helping in a variety of capacities, including volunteer work for the Spring Preview and Big Sounds in Motion. In 2007, he was chairman of the Buccaneers’ 50th anniversary celebration. He ably led a diverse committee that included the surviving founders, led the production of a commemorative DVD that documented significant moments in Buccaneers history, and organized a large alumni corps that performed at Big Sounds in Motion that year. He has been an active participant in his five children’s musical lives, which have, of course, included time spent marching with high school and college bands, choruses and on the field with the competing corps. In addition to his drum corps service, Paul also worked with the Schuylkill Valley SD Music League in support of the music program, serving as an officer for more than 10 years. For his many years of dedicated service to the Buccaneers family, and for his deep and abiding pride in all things Buccaneers, Paul Klick has earned induction into the Buccaneers Hall of Fame.

Kurt Weidenhammer’s name may not be as recognized as others, but it is rooted in Buccaneers history and Kurt has made his own indelible contributions to the corps.  Kurt’s father Bob was a charter member who contributed to the survival and success of the Buccaneers and was inducted into the Buccaneers Hall of Fame in 1999.   Kurt has drum corps in his DNA. He spent a few years with Kenhorst Green Hornets before joining the Hamburg Junior Buccaneers in 1962.  The following year Kurt was ready for the big time.  Along came 1965.  If you’ve heard the recording of the 1965 DCA championship, then you have heard Kurt's horn.  Kurt’s two riffs in 'From This Moment On' and the screaming soprano closing 'Maria' are unmistakable.  When a horn instructor needed an obscenely high note way above the staff he knew who to call on.  To say that Kurt is a natural is an understatement.  But Kurt's contribution to winning the 1965 and 1968 DCA championships are not the end of his story.  He served in numerous positions including President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Old Bucs, predecessor to the current Buccaneer Alumni Association, between 1973 and 1981. He is a charter member of the current Alumni Association and has marched off and on (currently 'on') with the Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps.  His field experience includes 13 years on the field with the Buccaneers plus four years with the Archer-Epler Musketeers.  For his longstanding service to the Buccaneers family, as well as his achievements on and off the field, Kurt Weidenhammer has earned induction into the Buccaneers Hall of Fame.

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