2020 Reading Buccaneers
Membership Day Information

Twin Valley High School

4851 N Twin Valley Rd, Elverson, PA 19520

Sunday December 1st, 2019

12PM - 6PM

Registration starts at 11AM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Membership Day?


Membership Day is your first step in becoming a member of the 2020 Reading Buccaneers!  It is a chance for you to meet the staff & members, learn about our 2020 program, and experience a little bit of how the Buccaneers rehearse and operate. 


When and where is it?


This year’s Membership Day will take place Sunday December 1st, 2019 at Twin Valley High School in Elverson, PA.  Registration will begin at 11am and the day’s program will run from noon to 6pm.


Can I pre-register?


Absolutely!  Let us know you’re interested at readingbuccaneers.org/register


What does it cost?

A non-refundable $50 fee is required to participate in the day’s rehearsal.  This may be paid during check-in at Membership Day, or in advance via PayPal using this link:




What do I need to bring?

A snack will be provided mid-day, but you may wish to bring water to drink during the rehearsal portions of the day.  (NOTE: ONLY water is permitted in the auditorium & other rehearsal spaces.)  Corps equipment will be available to use---however, to be sure that everyone in attendance has a chance to play, if you have a Bb trumpet, mellophone, baritone, or tuba, please bring it, along with your mouthpiece.  Likewise, if you have a drum pad and sticks, or any colorguard equipment, please bring that with you as well.  Be sure your equipment is labelled with your name.


Are there audition/information packets?


For the color guard, no.  Brass and percussion packets will be available 4-6 weeks prior to Membership Day to all those who have pre-registered and pre-paid for the event.  Once our instructional team has completed their work on the packets and they are ready to be distributed, announcements will be made in our Facebook Interest Group.


Do I need to prepare any music/routines?

No.  Membership Day serves primarily as a clinic---a chance for you to get to know our style and our people.  Audition/evaulation requirements will be discussed by the instructional staff on Membership Day and will begin to take place at the first mini-camp on December 14th & 15th.


I’m not a musician or guard performer; can I still be a part of the Reading Buccaneers?

Of course!  It takes a wide variety of talented people working behind the scenes to make a drum corps successful.  If you have any talents or skills that you’d like to contribute to the corps, please contact Director Lou Tierno (director@readingbuccaneers.org) or Support Staff Coordinator Lois Tierno (support.staff@readingbuccaneers.org).


I can't make it to Membership Day; can I still be a Buccaneer?

Yes!  If you can't make it to Membership Day, pre-register here and make plans to attend our first mini-camp in December.  We will communicate specific dates as they are finalized.


I have more questions...?

We'd be happy to answer them!  E-mail Membership Manager Matt Heckman at membership.manager@readingbuccaneers.org for more information on the Buccaneer experience and how you can be a part of it!