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Covid-19 Policy

As the Reading Buccaneers finalize plans for our 2023 season, we are still confronted by the continued reality of COVID-19 and the very real health risks it presents.

We are committed first and foremost to doing everything we can to help ensure the safety of our members, instructors and volunteers. We are currently faced with the dual realities that the risk of transmission remains high, and that short of isolation and not gathering at all, vaccination is the most effective way to limit the spread of the virus and mitigate the effects of infection. 

Accordingly, and until further notice, the Buccaneers will require that all members, staff and volunteers who participate in Buccaneers programs must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 including at least one relevant booster, and be able to provide proof of vaccination status. Rehearsals will be open only to those participants and guests who are current with COVID-19 vaccinations and can provide proof of same. For members, staff and volunteers, we will collect vaccination information as part of our usual health information gathering process. This policy will be in effect alongside other safety precautions we will be taking during rehearsals and corps activities. Additional precautions may also be dictated by the rules of our rehearsal facilities or local governments.

We recognize that this is a fluid and rapidly changing situation. We will revisit not only this policy, but procedures and protocols in place as a result of this policy, as necessary and we will communicate this to our members, staff, volunteers and the public accordingly. We further acknowledge that there is a risk of transmission notwithstanding any vaccination policies or safety protocols we have in place, but that we will do our very best to mitigate that risk for everyone in our organization. We made this decision after much careful and thoughtful discussion and with this responsibility in mind.

We appreciate your cooperation, your patience and your understanding of the unique and unprecedented challenges this situation presents. And we appreciate your shared commitment that the health and safety of those who participate in our activity is our primary priority.

Please direct questions to any member of the Buccaneers’ administrative team.

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