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DCA/DCI Partnership Info
DCA and DCI have agreed on a proposal to partner together for the 2024/2025 competitive seasons under the heading of a DCI All-AGE DIVISION. The competitive rules of DCA and operating policies of DCI will be implemented to achieve success for the all age brand of drum corps. Both DCA and DCI will be working out the details followed by a formal announcement in the near future.

What this means:

The boards of Drum Corps Associates (DCA) and Drum Corps International (DCI) have been collaborating over the past several years about how the organizations can work together to grow the drum corps activity.  This past winter a proposal cosponsored by DCI president Dan Acheson and DCA president John Carr was presented to DCA corps directors that outlined an integration of DCA into DCI as an "All Age Division".  The proposal was discussed, reviewed, and approved by the DCA corps directors for implementation in 2024.



What was the proposal?

The proposal recommended the integration of DCA into DCI as an "All Age Division", maintaining existing DCA rules, judging criteria, and weekend only format.


Why was this proposal brought forward?

DCA has been seeing a decline in the number of corps and a decline in championship ticket sales over the past decade. DCA show sponsors have also been struggling with filling shows with enough drum corps to make the shows viable. Meanwhile DCI open class corps sometimes struggle for performance opportunities. Both circuits have very similar missions and so this move brings us together to work toward that mission together.


How does this integration benefit the DCA circuit and DCA member corps?

The integration into DCI provides for greater exposure of DCA corps to new audiences, and provides access to key DCI resources. 


What is DCI All Age Division?

The DCI All Age division will consist of current DCA member corps, managed by our existing DCA president John Carr.  The current DCA rules will continue to apply to all DCI All Age corps.  DCI overarching policies related to things such as member safety, Safesport training, etc. will apply.


Will the rules for DCA/DCI All Age corps change?

Current DCA rules will apply, and are subject to existing rule change procedures.


Will the performance schedule change?

DCI All Age corps will perform mostly on weekends as DCA has in the past.  Championships will be moved from Labor Day weekend to the second week in August in line with DCI Championships.


Where will DCI All Age Championships be held?

DCI All Age Championship finals will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday morning in Indianapolis alongside DCI World Class Championships.


How will this impact DCA corps financially?

For most existing DCA corps, this change will represent an increase in costs due to increased travel and housing for championships.


Will I be able to see DCI World Class, Open Class, and All Age Class corps in the same show?

Yes, it is possible depending on the scheduling.

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